New Ipsos “Vaccine Passport” polling finds strong support across a wide range of activities –

But given the level of vaccinations are measures like these necessary

The British public, according to this survey, seem to have a very strong desire to impose the most extraordinary regime on everybody as we edge out of lockdown. If all or many of these these were to be implemented we would soon realise the scale of controls on our lives.

My guess is that the polling reflects the fact that being able to the things listed is so different from what people have experienced over the past year that they’d be prepared now to put up with a lot. But the situation is going to develop rapidly and we might look back to these numbers as just an indicator of the mood at this time.

Also quite why “vaccine passports” are needed I don’t know. The level of response to vaccinations in the UK has been so great that the default assumption must be that an individual over 60 has been jabbed and that will drop to lower age groups in a month or so.

I notice that in my age segment 97% of people have had at least has their first jab. My guess is that many of those that haven’t probably are not in as a position to want to pop out to the pub or got out for a meal.

And how is the necessary bureaucracy to operate this going to be administered and paid for? Are we creating another DVLA?

It would be much simpler to make it illegal for non-vaccinated people to go to these places? There’s a detailed government record of who has been jabbed and that surely could be cross-referenced in the case of doubt.

Mike Smithson

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