The longer the EU row goes on the better it is for Hancock and Johnson –

It just reminds the world that they were first

The latest research on the effectiveness of the AZC/Oxford vaccine reinforces the kudos for Hancock in getting early supplies and being a media savvy politician it was he who was the minister doing the round of morning media appearance.

For until this data came out this jab had been had been perceived as something second second-rate compared with the others that were available. You could see on Twitter and other social media platforms that those who got the Pfizer vaccine have been more ready to mention which one they got when telling others that they’ve been vaccinated.

The perception is probably down to the way the Oxford figures were presented first time out and it looked as though it was inferior.

What we need now is data of not just research samples but what is happening on the ground with the millions who have already received vaccinations. I would have thought that we should start to get real time data relatively soon.

Mike Smithson

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