What will Rishi’s PM chances look like after today’s budget? –

As regular PBers will know I have a significant stake in Sunak’s future following a £20 bet I placed with Ladbrokes in November 2019 when Rishi was just a junior minister. The quoted odds of him being next PM were 200/1 increased by the firm’s “odds boost” to 250/1. I know that some other PBers are also on at those odds following the post by Phillip Thompson.

This is a massive day for Sunak and generally, budgets get received well on the day. It is what happens by the weekend that can be significant.

It used to be that the contents of budgets were a closely guarded secret only to be revealed when he began his address to MPs. That has all gone and Speaker Hoyle is said to be furious with the way ministers like to make their big announcements outside the Commons. We could expect something more from him today.

Sunak starts today as the 21% betting favourite to become PM. Will that change?

Mike Smithson

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