With 6 weeks to go till the Scottish election support for independence edges upwards –

And Sturgeon maintains good lead in YouGov’s “well/badly” ratings

With all the polling ahead of the Scottish election on May 6th the two sets of numbers I am following the most are the ones on Scottish independence and Nicola sturgeon’s personal ratings.

The former I believe gives a good sense of support for the SNP’s main mission and that will be reflected in the outcome in the elections. The second good area to keep track of are Sturgeon’s personal ratings. That she has a net lead of 27% on the latter suggests to me that the much publicised row with Salmond and the associated inquiries have not been as damaging to her as might be thought.

The big question on the election is whether the SNP can secure a majority which at the moment looks ss though it is on a knife edge.

Mike Smithson

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