With 7 weeks to go before Scotland votes the latest three polls find voters opposed to another IndyRef –

The Wikipedia table shows the last few months of polling in Scotland on having another IndyRef similar to the one that voted NO in September 2014. For more than a year all the polls showed a desire for a fresh vote until the past two weeks.

We will have to see if other Scottish polls follow a similar pattern but there is little doubt that the question of whether there should be another IndyRef looks sets the most important issue in May’s Scottish Parliament elections.

It is not long ago that all the speculation was that the SNP would have a big victory at Holyrood and what would happen if Johnson’s government refused to grant a request for a second referendum. If this polling showing a cooling off in the desire for a fresh vote is indicative then that suggests that SNP might not do as well as it hoped in the coming elections.

The recent highly public row between Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond clearly has clearly chipped away the party’s hopes of winning back a majority in May though it is still touch and go.

There are a range of betting markets on referendum issue and the Scottish election itself.

Mike Smithson

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