YouGov finds that just 16% are opposed to an inquiry into the COVID pandemic –

The above YouGov polling looks at what could be a big political issue in the coming weeks as the lockdown restrictions are eased and Britain prepares to return to “normal life”.

The first phase came in on Monday and already there is a buzz about that day in mid My when pubs and restaurants open again.

But it is going to be hard for ministers and particularity the PM to avoid some sort of examination of what happened and what could have been done differently. After all the lessons learned could be very useful next time.

Johnson’s biggest challenge is the delay that there was in the UK in March last year in bringing in lockdown. Of similar advanced nations in Europe the UK was just about the last one to act seriously and the huge death toll last April was, arguably, higher than it could have been.

Of course ministers want to play up the undoubted success of the vaccination programe.

Mike Smithson

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