Proposal for Optimization of Online Gaming in the States

The coronavirus pandemic had impact on many industries including the gaming one. According to Brandon Asgiersson, a US Business Development specialist at multichannel engagement experts Xtremepush, one of the lasting impacts of the pandemic is the increase of online gambling registrations in the US.

Asgiersson spoke about the financial losses in Louisiana’s gaming industry, which lost around $850 million in 2020 and thousands of jobs were wasted.

He summarized the situation in the states by saying that most of the US casinos are struggling. However, according to him, the online gaming had compensated for the huge losses. He expressed his hope that many more states will legalize online gaming despite the paperwork.

The legalization process demonstrated itself as long and painstaking. At least it was for Michigan. The state launched online gaming and sports betting earlier this month.

Many other states are following its lead. Kentucky and Minnesota’s lawmakers are making an attempt to legalize online gambling but it looks like this won’t happen any time soon, since, as Asgiersson pointed out, the paperwork slows the process down. Only the state of Georgia is closer to finishing the legalization.

He added: “We’ve all seen that the revenue generated from online gambling has surpassed initial expectations. Operators are growing in confidence, and we expect the online market in 2021 to smash these targets yet again”.

Tips for Optimization and Player Engagement

Asgiersson has tips for optimizing the player engagement in US casinos. He said that it is really important for the casinos to guide the new players through the registration process.

He recommended that the casinos “implement a series of automated, digital nudges that encourage the player to complete the next step and remind them of what’s required.”

According to Asgiersson, the process continues by establishing a notification system. The next step, after the players are registered, is to gather as much data as possible for their preferred games, average speed and so on. He shared having seen casinos have a lot of data, which they are not using.

Asgiersson adviced that the US casinos follow the European system by setting up personalized campaigns to actively engage players. The key is to create personalized messages for players with their current balance to encourage them to log in and start playing.

He added: “These are the kinds of things that the European operators have been doing for a number of years. It’s taken them time to build up to this level of engagement, but US casinos have the luxury of being able to achieve this from day one”.

Xtremepush has even created and published a special player engagement guide for the online casino industry.

Source: “More US states must embrace online gambling to help the casino industry”, SBC Americas, January 27, 2021

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