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  • Casino Operator Caesars Entertainment Will Name the Superdome
  • Deal Provides Further Confirmation of NFL’s Embrace of Gambling
  • Louisiana Will Soon Have Regulated Sports Betting

The New Orleans Superdome will have a gambling theme after casino operator Caesars Entertainment purchased the stadium’s naming rights. Currently, the Superdome is named after Mercedes-Benz, in a deal set to expire in July. The home of the New Orleans Saints will then be known by a different moniker.

Louisiana recently voted in favor of regulating sports gambling within its borders. Similarly, the NFL has displayed a newfound openness to gaming – and its potential revenue streams. The Caesars Entertainment Superdome deal sits firmly in the center of the quickly evolving sports betting landscape.

Caesars Entertainment Superdome? Actual Name Still a Mystery

While we know the terms of the agreement, whether Caesars Entertainment puts their own name on the Superdome remains unknown. It is likely the name will somehow incorporate the iconic Superdome moniker.

Caesars already has a presence in downtown New Orleans through the full-service Harrah’s casino resort. In 2024, the property will be rebranded as Caesars New Orleans. This will make for a natural synergy between the casino and the likely Caesars Entertainment Superdome.

Harrah's NOLA

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The Saints will receive approximately $11 million per year over the life of the twenty-year deal.

NFL Already Partners With Caesars

The NFL had a longtime allergy to all things gambling related. Recently, the league has buried the hatchet and embraced the opportunities wagering provides. Caesars Entertainment is already the “official casino partner” of the NFL.

It was only in 2016 that the NFL nixed a fantasy football convention organized by then Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Now, five years later, the Shield is partnering directly with casinos.

What changed? Mainly, the Supreme Court striking down a law limiting sports betting to Nevada made regulated wagering an inevitability. More states bringing gambling into the light presented a choice for the league. They could continue to fight, or they could get on board the train. Crucially, states will now enforce compliance rules to help prevent any game-fixing.

The truckloads of money the NFL will make by getting a slice of the betting pie certainly did not hurt, either.

Louisiana Will Regulate Sports Betting

In the November 2020 elections, Louisiana voters overwhelmingly passed a referendum to bring controlled sports betting to the state. While some parishes will prohibit bets from being taken within their jurisdiction, New Orleans is not one.

Louisiana legislators still need to devise implementation rules before their sports betting launch. The 2021 legislative session kicks-off on April 12 prior to ending June 10. During this period, lawmakers will debate whether to allow mobile and online wagering, as well as tax-rates and licensing distribution.

It is now certain that Caesars will be heavily lobbying for sportsbooks locations at both its downtown casino and the Superdome. So far, the NFL has not allowed retail wagering windows within its stadiums, but ‘betting lounges’ instead. However, if the league is allowing its stadiums to be named after casinos, retail betting is likely coming soon.

The upcoming debate over how to implement Louisiana’s regulated sports betting market is now even more interesting. We will cover all the news as it happens. Until then, make sure to read our reviews of the best sites to win your real-money sports bets.

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