Las Vegas Shows Reopen Under New Rules • This Week in Gambling

Last week the Governor of Nevada relaxed the COVID-19 rules, allowing some Las Vegas shows to open up again with the increased capacity limits. One of the benefits of the eased restrictions was the ability of live shows to go from 50 people in the audience to 100.

Fantasy and Carrot Top, both at the Luxor, were among the first big name shows to reopen. Murray Sawchuck is a magician who opens for the Fantasy show. He said that he has “…many friends that are waiting to get back on stage, some are on stage again and some are waiting”.

Carrot Top also chimed in on having live shows back, saying that having only 100 people “…spread out into a 1,800 seat theater it’s going to be weird… , but it mightbe fun in a weird way.

You can read more about the slow come back of Las Vegas shows at Fox 5 Vegas.