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Yes, you can bet on who Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend will be — just days after the official news of Kimye’s divorce hit, the internet is already ripe with speculation on who her next boyfriend will be. You might be surprised (but maybe you shouldn’t be) that sportsbooks are even offering odds on who her new beau will be.

So, who will Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend be? We take a look at the latest odds, our pick for Kim Kardashian’s next boyfriend, and who you can least expect to see next on the former Mrs. West’s Instagram.

Odds: Who will be Kim Kardashian Date Next?

Winner Odds
Van Jones +300
James Harden +700
Paul George +700
Reggie Bush +700
Klay Thompson +800
Drake +1000
Lamar Jackson +1000
Kendrick Lamar +1200
Damian Lillard +1400
Jimmy Butler +1400
Kyrie Irving +1400
Nick Cannon +2000
Dak Prescott +2500
Devin Booker +2800
Michael B Jordan +3500
Post Malone +4000
Ray J +6000
Ben Affleck +10000
Eminem +15000
Tiger Woods +20000
Donald Trump +250000

Odds available via Bovada.

Voted Least Likely to win Kim’s Heart

“Kim has work and projects that are important to her, and Kanye has his. Their lives don’t overlap much.”

While I think the pop culture world would welcome a Kardashian and Ray J reunion, I think it’s highly improbable either party would want a reconciliation. Particularly after recent jams like “I Hit it First” and unwelcome jokes like Zachary Levi’s at the 2019 MTV Movie Awards referencing the couple’s 2007…video project.

James Harden is another candidate less likely to romance Kim, mainly because he’s sister Khloe Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend.

Other than James Harden and less controversial ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush, we think Ray J is certainly least likely to become Kim’s next boyfriend.

Speaking of Reggie Bush — of the exes available to bet on, we think it’s unlikely Kardashian will reunite with Bush, as the former football player is currently married to Lilit Avagyan, an Armenian dancer. 

Kim Kardashian’s Next Boyfriend: Our Pick

Van Jones and Kim Kardashian at an event for Criminal Justice Reform Summit.

Favorite Van Jones (+300) is nothing to snuff at — Jones is even responsible for Kardashian’s recent interest in politics and a career in law, we can definitely see Kim connect with someone steeped in the political news cycle like CNN commentator Jones. Jones even introduced Kardashian to her mentor Jessica Jackson, a lawyer and prison reform advocate, and credits Jones for believing in her on her path to becoming a lawyer.


Earlier in 2020, her growing interest in civil rights and law were even cited as a reason for her and Kanye’s growing distance, with a source mentioning their separate lives saying, “Kim has work and projects that are important to her, and Kanye has his. Their lives don’t overlap much.”

However, if you’ve paid attention to her dating history, you’re probably very familiar with her pattern of dating athletes, then musicians — if you think it’s unlikely she’ll break this pattern, Drake and Kendrick Lamar are both options, but with both artists being close associates of Kanye West, her ex-husband, we don’t anticipate a romance brewing between either artist and Kardashian.

If you expect to see Kim on a new man’s arm soon, don’t hold your breath. According to ENews, “Kim isn’t ready to date and is not focused on dating yet…She’s had a rough year and wants to focus on herself and her kids right now.”

Yes, there’s so much more to bet on than just sports—Check out our entertainment news for the latest odds and gambling news.  

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