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We’re looking at the Pac-Man Cash Chase casino skill game from our friends at Gamblit Gaming! This is a follow up to their Pac-Man Battle Casino, which is a multi-player game. While both of these casino skill games are based on the arcade classic, Pac-Man Cash Chase is a single-player game.

Gamblit unveiled innovative and exciting new game titles recently, which were playable at their booth at the Global Gaming Expo, or G2E Las Vegas. Together with their partners, Bandai Namco (the original developer of Pac-Man), they have turned the iconic arcade game into a casino skill game.

Pac-Man Cash Chase will be released on Gamblit’s Tri-Station game machine platform, and it’s the second Pac-Man title released by the company. Pac-Man Battle Casino was featured in the Gamblit booth where we filmed it, and should be on casino floors now! You can watch our video review for the Pac-Man Battle Casino on our YouTube channel. Other casino skill game titles from Gambling which we have reviews for include Cover Fire, along with the extremely popular Cut the Rope 2.

Gamblit Gaming is the leading manufacturer of interactive electronic gambling games, providing patrons with innovative single- and multiplayer experiences on the casino floor and online.

With titles spanning all genres and target demographics and approvals in dozens of jurisdictions, Gamblit’s portfolio of games both attract new players and provide a more engaging gambling experience for existing players.

See more slot machine and casino game reviews, including this one for the Pac Man Cash Chase casino skill game, when you visit our YouTube channel.

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