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Our guest this week is Mark Billing on to talk about his new book “Follow the Bouncing Ball.”  This is a book about how Mark and his teammates used hidden computers to beat the game of roulette.

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Show Notes

[00:00] Introduction of Mark Billings, author of Follow the Bouncing Ball, Silicone versus Roulette
[00:36] The Eudaemonic Pie by Thomas Bass and difficulties of predicting roulette
[08:11] Mark’s experience playing roulette
[10:49] Legality of computers, software bugs
[13:18] Characteristics of beatable wheels
[20:28] Laurance Scott, computer software and hardware
[29:09] Beating only a few wheels, changing the approach of the program,and interpolation
[36:56] South Point Casino January Promotions – $400k Spin to Win
[37:45] – Gold Membership offers correction on most games

[38:41] – place small wagers on various political events, $20 deposit match for GWAE listeners


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