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Last month, Sarah Jessica Parker shared a 39-second teaser trailer for a Sex and the City reboot. The revival will feature 10 half-hour episodes and will begin production in late spring in NYC. Sex and the City: The Next Chapter is set to premiere on HBO Max, which will also be the home of the new rumored Harry Potter TV show.

SJP tagged fellow castmates Cynthia Nixon (Miranda Hobbes) and Kristin Davis (Charlotte York) in the teaser trailer post on Instagram. However, a beloved fourth character was not tagged in the post, which begs the question: where is Kim Cattrall?

Cattrall, who played the iconic role of Samantha Jones in SATC, will not be appearing in the revival. SJP replied to an Instagram comment asking why Cattrall wasn’t tagged with “Samantha isn’t a part of this story. But she will always be a part of us.”

While rumors have been flying about why Samantha will not be appearing in the revival, Cattrall made it clear years ago that she did not want to take part in a third Sex and the City movie.

In a tweet from September 2017, Cattrall claimed that she had said she didn’t want to do a 3rd SATC film back in 2016.

Fans have been trying to guess what the SATC writers will give as the reason why Samantha is missing from the revival. Many have been jumping on Twitter to suggest their theories of why Samantha will be missing from the revival. 

SJP replied to a tweet saying “Exceeding all expectations. I am summoning discipline though desperate to suggest “hot/cold”. Sadly, SJP didn’t like or reply to any fan suggestions, leaving us still stumped as to what Samantha’s fate will be.

Some of the top-liked predictions for what Samantha’s future holds include:

@RossFisherDavis suggested, “She’s the most independently well off of the girls, I’d say she’s more likely than the others to retire somewhere exotic and bang pool boys.” Right on, Samantha.

@deedeececil said that the SATC writers should use Samantha’s absence as an opportunity to talk about “friend breakups”, something we definitely don’t see enough of in media: “It will be insanity to me if they don’t take this opportunity to explore friend breakups. The awkwardness in the circle of friends, the immense hole left when you’re not speaking to a dar friend anymore… They’re crazy and lazy if they kill her off.”

And finally, my personal favorite: the hilarious theory that Samantha’s role will be filled by none other than Jeff Bezos, who stepped down from Amazon CEO to take the on the role of Samantha. I’d say this is nearly impossible, but how out of left field would that be?

According to SJP, the reboot will feature COVID-19 as a plotline, given that the characters live in such a large city where COVID numbers are currently the highest in the state. She also let slip that COVID may be used to explain Samantha’s absence, with “And how has [Covid-19] changed relationships once friends disappear?”

SJP told TMZ “We’re not looking to create a fourth character. We have New York City as the fourth character. There will be lots of interesting, new characters we are super excited about.”

Sex and the City Betting Odds

Online sportsbook Bovada has released odds for how the Sex and the City revival will explain Samantha’s absence. The favorite option (+130) is that Samantha will have passed away. Some fans on Twitter have speculated that her cause of death could be the return of her breast cancer or complications from contracting COVID-19. Since Samantha has had breast cancer before and COVID will be a new plotline, death, unfortunately, looks like the most likely option for explaining Samantha’s absence.

Next up are the odds that Samantha will have moved away from New York City (+225). Seeing as Samantha is the oldest of the four girls (she’ll be turning 63 this year!), this move could easily be explained by her retirement.

Both sitting at +450 are the odds that Samantha won’t be mentioned at all in episode 1, or that she’ll still be living in New York City. The latter leaves Samantha’s absence too loosely explained for my liking.

Lastly, the least likely option at +900 is that Samantha will be confined to prison or institution, which seems like the most outlandish option of the five.

What will be the whereabouts of Samantha Jones in episode 1 of Sex and the City on HBO Max?

Samantha’s Fate Odds
Passed Away +130
Moved Away From New York City +225
Samantha Jones Not Mentioned in Episode 1 +450
Still Living in New York City +450
Confined to Prison or Institution +900

If Kim Cattrall’s character is recast, all wagers will be settled No Action.

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