Yuri Dzivielevski beat Michael Addamo heads-up to win Super MILLION$

Breaking Down the Action:

  • Who Was the Overnight Leader?
  • Muehloecker’s Title Tilt Ends in Disaster
  • Addamo Blows Huge Lead to see Dzivelevski Triumph

The latest winner of the GGPoker Super MILLION$ was Brazilian player Yuri Dzivielevski, who toppled the seemingly unbeatable Michael Addamo to take the $408,406 top prize.

The 41st Super MILLION$ final table saw nine players from six nations take part in a showdown to find the latest big winner, but how did the action go down? Let’s look back at all the drama.

Who Was the Overnight Leader?

It was the familiar face of Michael Addamo who headed into the final table action in pole position.  The Australian, one of the in-form players in live and online poker, had a chip lead that would be a tough one to dislodge.

Position Player Country Chips
1st Michael Addamo Australia 6,354,492
2nd Thomas Muehloecker Austria 4,116,631
3rd ‘DrMikee’ Uruguay 2,389,144
4th Joao Vieira Portugal 1,942,571
5th Aliaksei Boika Cyprus 1,448,440
6th Yuri Dzivielevski Brazil 1,205,212
7th Chris Puetz Austria 1,067,037
8th Isaac Haxton U.S.A. 908,779
9th Connor Drinan U.S.A. 767,694

Despite this lead, however, it wasn’t only Addamo who went into play full of confidence. It would be Austrian player Thomas Muehloecker who caused the first bust-out of the evening as he put paid to American Connor Drinan’s hopes.

Drinan, who finished in 9th place the last time he reached a Super MILLION$ final table, saw history repeat itself as his ace-four was beaten by Muehloecker’s king-queen, a king on the flop signalling the end.

Cypriot player Aliaksei Boika would bust next, and this time it would be Addamo doing to the damage. The Aussie raised from the cutoff position, which led to Boika shipping it all-in with ace-four of clubs. Addamo held pocket eights and made the call, with the ‘snowmen’ holding to reduce the challengers to a lucky seven.

Muehloecker’s Title Tilt Ends in Disaster

For some time at the Super MILLION$ final table, it looked very much like a battle between Thomas Muehloecker and Michael Addamo would decide the destination of the title. It was back to Muehloecker for the next bust-out, as he sent fellow Austrian Chris Puetz home for a return of $85,856 on his $10,300 entry. Puetz was at risk for all of his chips with ace-jack and Muehloecker’s king-eight of clubs managed to find a flush on the river to win the hand.

Next to go was Muehloecker himself, who was eliminated in surprising circumstances given the rhythm he had built up. The Austrian was all-in with pocket queens, but was up against the dominant Michael Addamo, who had woken up with pocket aces and they survived the board in dramatic fashion. A queen on the flop was trumped by an ace on the river to put the Australian in a seemingly unassailable position with all the chips committed.

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No chip leader’s lead is impregnable in no limit hold’em, however, and while Addamo would take care of business as he ploughed through the field, the tournament would have a sting in the tail. Addamo busted ‘DrMikee’ with seven-four of diamonds outdrawing kick-jack. The Aussie then beat pocket aces to take care of Joao Vieira in 4th place.

Vieira can count himself even more unlucky than you might assume, with Addamo’s kick-jack catching both pairs on the flop. It was Isaac Haxton who was last to miss out on heads-up, his jack-ten shove seeing Addamo again have king-jack, with a world of outs on the turn failing to give Haxton the hand.

Addamo Blows Huge Lead to see Dzivelevski Triumph

“If Yuri can make this call, it might be my favourite in 41 weeks.”

Addamo had made heads-up as a 4:1 chip leader after just 63 minutes of action, but he would not win out. The Australian powerhouse saw his stack of 16.2 million chips fall short as Yuri Dzivelevski span 3.5 million into all the chips to take the title. It would have been Addamo’s fourth Super MILLION$ title, but it wasn’t to be.

Much of Dzivielevski’s momentum came from a hand where he called all the streets with eight-nine against Addamo’s king five on a board showing 3-A-8-Q-4. The all-in from Addamo on the river was sensational, but as Nanonoko said before Dzivielevski called ‘If Yuri can make this call, it might be my favourite in 41 weeks.’

Dzivielevski held the lead in sensational style and saw it out after pressurizing Addamo down to just 3.4 million chips on a nine-high flop almost an hour later. Dzivielevski had pocket jacks, while Addamo had queen-ten, and with 2 million in the pot, the Australian checked behind to see a ten on the turn. That led to another check from Dzivielevski and a bet of a million from Addamo. Dzivielevski shoved, Addamo called and it was all over after a river of a king ended affairs in the Brazilian’s favour.

A stunning comeback earned $408,406 for Dzivielevski, while Addamo’s runner-up finish earned $314,924 that must taste like ashes in the mouth of one of poker’s modern legends.

Super MILLION$ Final Table March 23rd Results:

Place Player Country Chips
1st Yuri Dzivielevski Brazil $408,406
2nd Michael Addamo Canada $314,924
3rd Isaac Haxton Canada $242,839
4th Joao Vieira Luxembourg $187,255
5th ‘DrMikee’ Uruguay $144,393
6th Thomas Muehloecker Austria $111,342
7th Chris Puetz Austria $85,856
8th Aliaksei Boika Mexico $66,204
9th Connor Drinan Canada $51,050

Want to watch all the action? Check out the full replay stream of the final table of this week’s Super MILLION$ right here:

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