Doug Polk defeats Daniel Negreanu for $1.2 million

Polk finishes the challenge in style taking seven figures from his long time rival. Will we see him at the tables again?

After three months, 25,000 hands and a surprisingly low amount of trolling overall, the heads-up feud between Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk is over with the result most people expected. 

After winning a $255,722 session last night Doug Polk closed the challenge up around $1.2 million. Not to mention an assumed large number of side bets on top of that. 

Polk is now expected to ride off into the sunset and not return to poker. He has already indicated that he does not want a rematch or another challenge, and that he plans to move away from Las Vegas which would make it much harder for him to play live or online. Having said that, he has tried and failed several times at retirement, like many other poker players. 

A valuable learning experience?

What’s next for Negreanu? Many think this could be the start of something significant for KidPoker in the world of heads-up online poker. Despite losing seven-figures and going on a lot of tilt fuelled rants, he has indicated he has enjoyed the challenge and learnt a lot. Perhaps the greatest tribute in this respect is the fact that his harshest critic Doug Polk has not only commented how much he has improved but also cited his improvement as one of the reasons why he would not want to face him again. 

For poker fans it was actually a pretty entertaining spectacle. It was as crass as expected in terms of the needling between the two men between sessions, but there was also a lot of respect shown at times. The level of poker was probably better than expected too between a rusty Polk who proved he is still one of the game’s greats and an improved Negreanu.

The big question perhaps is whether the feud between Polk and Negreanu is now over? Probably not, especially if the antics of both men the last couple of week’s is anything to go by. However, they have been about as cordial as they have ever been with each other and with Polk presumably going into actual retirement maybe the worst of it is now over?

Until he comes out of retirement again, of course. 

Will we see Doug Polk again at the tables? Let us know in the comments:

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