GGPoker partners with Fantastic Ladies in Poker

We recap some stories you may have missed including Polk talks GTO and Negreanu challenges the Poker Brat.

GGPoker partners with FLIP

Daiva Byrne

Although GGPoker have crushed in the last 18 months or so, they certainly needed a PR boost when it came to women in poker. Their controversial signing of Dan Bilzerian was largely criticised for alienating potential female customers (not to mention, no female sponsored players). 

While Bilzerian is still with them for some that issue will never be resolved, but they have probably done the next best gesture by partnering with the Fantastic Ladies in Poker community

It is without doubt the biggest community for female players and its founder Daiva Byrne is one of the great ambassadors for the game. Whatever your views on Dan Bilzerian, this is a step in the right direction. 

Negreanu vs Hellmuth?

It seems KidPoker (and the poker world) have a taste for heads-up poker and is laying down the gauntlet. 

He was not happy with Phil Hellmuth’s comments about his play in his match against Doug Polk and suggested they settle it at the felt.

No reply from Hellmuth yet and this writer discovered directly that this was not pre marketing for an upcoming PokerGo show:

Polk’s media tour

Speaking of Doug Polk, he has been very active this week on the poker podcasts to talk about his $1.2 million victory over Negreanu. Our pick of the bunch is his chat with The Chip Race, we are biased as they are friends of the site, but it also goes deep into GTO and solvers in a way that most of his other interviews have not:

Lex thinks he has the nuts

Sorry Lex this author laughed a little to hard at this one, a reminder why you shouldn’t over celebrate early in poker:

Will we see Negreanu vs Hellmuth? Let us know in the comments:

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