Hellmuth vs Negreanu Round 1 is over

Spoiler Warning – the first of potentially many high stakes heads-up freezeouts between KidPoker and the Poker Brat is in the history books.

Hellmuth vs Negreanu Round 1

Feeling that he had been given a very expensive crash course in GTO from Doug Polk, Daniel Negreanu was feeling very confident going into his High Stakes Duel with Phil Hellmuth. So much so that he prompted a lengthy debate on whether Phil is even a good player anymore

He was also the bookmaker’s favourite in the match, but Phil Hellmuth had other ideas. Despite Negreanu boasting a 95,000 to 5,000 chiplead in the early going, Hellmuth slowly and patiently clawed it back over the course of six hours. 

The match ended with both men very shallow and Hellmuth triumphed when his pocket nines held against the 7 6 of Negreanu. Despite all the criticisms of his game, that is Phil’s fourth victory in a row in the High Stakes Duel format, having beaten Antonio Esfandiari three times previously. 

The rematch is inevitable

Hellmuth now holds the $100,000 prize and belt from the match. If Negreanu wants to play again he has to buy-in for $100,000. When Hellmuth wins three in a row he can bow out with his winnings or carry on, but each time the buy-in doubles. After that new challengers have 30 days to lay down the gauntlet. 

Given Negreanu recently lost $1.2 million against Polk and didn’t seem too tilted about it, we can probably expect to see several iterations of this match going forward. 

The whole thing played out on PokerGO where you can watch it from start to finish. They did release the first 30 minutes of the match for free on YouTube as a teaser to whet your appetite. 

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