Learn how to do a session review live tonight

For free on Twitch one of our members gets a live micro stakes session review which you can benefit from too.

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January 26, 20:00 CET

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LemOn36 returns with another Monthly Special and this one will help you beat the micro stakes, as well as giving you the tools you need to study alone. 

Back in December our member TFL999 won an exclusive coaching offer in a community promotion and tonight he will be taking it live on Twitch. 

If you have ever considered booking a session with a poker coach tonight you can see what they are all about and you will probably learn a little something for free. 

As well as reviewing his play at the micro stakes we will also learn the poker story of our lucky winner and get to know him better. So make sure you say hi in the chat. 

And we will all learn how to do an effective session review so we can study on our own afterwards. 

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