Level Up for these Gold videos

Our new Level Up promotion will earn you up to $250 and a Status Upgrade. You literally can get paid to get access to these Gold videos!

Bluffcatching guide

Check out w34z3l with this clinic on spotting and catching bluffs

poker video

Move up the Zoom stakes

asimos with advice on plugging Zoom leaks so you can climb the ranks


Mental game inner peace

If you want to be calmer at the tables, check out this LuckyLukePS video


WCOOP review

Collin Moshman reviews the WCOOP Main Event with hole cards revealed!

Level Up returns!

level up
Level Up to Diamond status and up to $250 a month at partypoker

Attention all PokerStrategists looking for a cash and status boost! Give your account the best possible push this summer by securing yourself a Gold, PlatinumPlatinum or DiamondDiamond status upgrade and up to $250 a month at partypoker, resulting in up to 20% extra rakeback during the promo.

To get yourself the upgrade and a part of the cash reward, all you need to do is play for at least 20 days at partypoker during each of the next four months (May, June, July, August). Once you’ve completed the daily StrategyPoints targets, your Level Up as well as the cash reward will be waiting for you.

What’s more, in contrast to previous Level Up editions, we’ve now also included a total StrategyPoints target for every month that will net you even more cash rewards than before, up to a maximum of $250 per month all the way until the end of August.

Important: Cash rewards earned in this promotion will be credited to your Tell-a-Friend account at Please be aware that you cannot participate in this promotion if you’re currently holding the status Diamond or Diamond Elite at partypoker

Learn more about partypoker returning as a partner

StrategyPoints & Monthly Rewards

The following table shows you all the relevant daily SP targets, monthly totals and reward steps waiting to be completed.

Besides giving you a bit of a headstart this May to make it easier to reach Level 2 and 3, you should also know that all the different reward steps are cumulative, meaning they’ll be adding up as you progress through the different levels and tasks

Example: If you collect at least 30 StrategyPoints at partypoker on 20 different days this May and a total of 800 StrategyPoints overall, you’ll not only receive both rewards for the Platinum level but also both rewards from the Gold level, ending up with a total monthly cash reward of $50.

And if you’re looking to get the most out of the promotion, you can aim for the grand total of 10,000 StrategyPoints a month with at least 150 StrategyPoints on 20 different days. This results in a monthly cash reward of $250 and a total of $1,000 if you’re able to reach the maximum level in all four promo months.

We hope you’ll enjoy this first of many exclusive promotions we’re going to bring you after partypoker’s return as a partner. If you have any questions regarding the Level Up promo at partypoker, leave us a news comment or post in our forum. We’re happy to help in any way to ensure you get the most out of this. Good luck!

Forum: Up to $250 a month with Level Up at partypoker

We recommend that users do not aim to get just the necessary StrategyPoint goals (e.g. only 5 SP per day) as, due to currency changes and other factors, a perceived 5 SP may be registered as e.g. 4.7 SP. Additionally, please note partypoker’s server times are not necessarily equal to the StrategyPoint reporting times and no exceptions can be made for players who miss their daily targets, even by a fraction.

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