Mike Postle represents himself in court

The rarest of sightings of Mike Postle this week as he appeared in a Zoom court meeting to represent himself.

Although the Mike Postle story has been one of the biggest and most closely scrutinised stories in modern poker history, we have heard very little from the man himself. Other than a questionable appearance on Mike Matusow’s podcast he has remained silent. 

However, this month he was forced to represent himself in court because his legal team had requested to be released from working with him. He appeared live on Zoom in a virtual meeting to respond to the $26,982 in attorney fees he has been told to award Todd Witteles following his anti-SLAPP motion. 

Postle voluntarily dismissed his own lawsuit which means by default Witteles’s anti-SLAPP motion (and Veronic Brill’s being heard next week) wins. He didn’t have much of a response to that, instead spending most of the hearing lamenting the fact that his legal counsel abandoned him and saying he was harassed by the opposing legal counsel. 

He also mentioned that there was ‘no evidence whatsoever’ that he cheated in those live streamed games at the Stones Gambling Hall. 

He was unsuccessful in getting the fees reduced.

This is the video of Postle speaking to the court, it is not the official video so it may get taken down:

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