News: Howard Lederer outtake

We recap some of the best videos of the week including a major ‘no no’ at a live poker table and Rounders in two minutes.

Lederer annoyed at ‘Jordan’

This recently unearthed clip was found in the extras for All In: The Poker Movie and features a pre Black Friday Howard Lederer getting very annoyed with somebody called Jordan. That’s it. That’s the clip. 

Poker etiquette basics

Your reminder, if you are new to the game or a moron, that it is not OK to flip over another player’s cards while you are in the middle of a hand:

Rounders in 2 minutes

Another classic from Greg Goes All In where he gives you the primer on the beloved poker movie and its many foibles. 

This is how to win a big one

Sometimes winning an online poker event can be a solitary affair, but it doesn’t have to be this way, as this Twitch streamer proved this week in the Winter Series:

Stairway to Millions

Finally, the first final table in the new progressive steps series from PokerGO that starts at a $1,000 entry fee and moves all the way up to a $100,000 Super High Roller:

Who are you watching on YouTube? Let us know in the comments:

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