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We take a look at the interactive tool to memorise GTO preflop ranges and post flop strategy from Raise Your Edge.

Interactive hand quizzes from Pairrd

Earlier this year I reviewed the Tournament Masterclass from Raise Your Edge. Last month I was lucky enough to take the newest offering from bencb for a spin – Pairrd

In that review I praised the meticulous way in which Ben spent a great deal of time breaking down ranges and explaining the why behind them. So much more than I think the average consumer would expect. 

That is because for some of us, memorising these ranges is actually very hard. Often the only way some of us learn ranges is by making enough costly mistakes that you see your errors in them. 

Pairrd provides something relatively new to the world of poker training, a way to practice poker spots without having to play them at the tables. It is essentially a dynamic way to make real poker decisions without risking money. Since most of us learn from experience, it’s a natural way to memorise the theory from Raise Your Edge.

Learn the theory then test yourself

Pairrd takes the most common pre and post flop spots you will find in MTTs – things like playing from the blinds, 3-bet pots, post flop spots in position etc – and simulates hands to play. You then have to decide whether you would fold, call, check, bet big, bet small etc. It’s not just about picking the ‘right’ spot, you are also tested on picking the highest frequency decision each time. 

Where Pairrd differs from some of the other recent similar products on the market is that you also get supplementary content to explain the why behind the answers. In some cases there is video from Ben himself before, during or after the test questions. I’m a big fan of the Pairrd competitor DTO but if you don’t understand why a hand is played a certain way DTO, you essentially need to put in through a solver to find out why. Pairrd tests you then provides you with the theory to correct or confirm what you thought. 

Watch the content along with Ben….

…..then test yourself 


The number of practice hands are substantial and get updated all the time, you could not get through it all in a month. There is also a challenge component to it where you can try and beat the personal bests of your fellow customers. Unlike Raise Your Edge which is a one time course purchase, Pairrd is a monthly product. 

Ultimately I think Pairrd works best as a complement to the courses at Raise Your Edge rather than as an alternative to them. You get the underlying theory behind the ranges in those courses and then you get to test the theory at Pairrd. Having said that, if you are on a budget, Pairrd a great way to get a lot of Raise Your Edge content for an affordable price. 

It should not be understated just how valuable and important it is to have a practical way to memorise ranges, especially for those of us who have to otherwise make a lot of mistakes to cement them in our long term memory. Pairrd is an affordable way to get a lot of poker ‘reps’ in without risking money at the tables. 

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