News: PokerStars trial ‘Stealth Mode’

Low stakes French and Spanish players have been testing a new format where screen names and avatars are randomised.

Over a year since it was first proposed, PokerStars finally launched a trial of anonymous tables in the European segregated market on Thursday. 

It appears ‘Stealth Mode’ is currently only available at stakes $0.02/$0.05 and $0.05/$0.10. You can find a Stealth table in the lobby where you see a red mask. The tables themselves look different to regular tables with the mask in the middle. 

You will still see your regular name at the table and in hand histories, but your opponents will see a different name and avatar. If you hover over your name you will see a pop-up with the random name they see. If you leave the table you can return within four hours to keep the same random name. 

Stealth Mode

Stealth Mode is just an experiment and the representative in the French language video below said it is not meant to replace regular tables. 

However, anonymous tables are gaining traction in poker ironically as real name tables are also becoming common. The point of them is to stop predatory game selection techniques from serious players. RunItOnce have a similar randomised name system as standard and Unibet allow unlimited screen name changes. 

As is often the case new innovations get trialled in the smaller segregated markets before a full roll out to the global poker client.

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