Phil Ivey on Dat Poker Podcast

We recap some stories you may have missed including poker graffiti, card throwing and Boris Becker’s ‘tell’.

Ivey on DAT Poker Podcast

A Phil Ivey interview is a rarity at any time but even rarer when it is Daniel Negreanu asking the questions. 

To celebrate 100 episodes of the Dat Poker Podcast the elusive poker icon made a rare appearance on the show. 

They discussed golf, the WSOP, what he has been doing, poker in Macau and much more. 

The Vegas spreadsheet is back!

If there was ever a sign that live poker is coming back, this is it. Every year for what seems like forever Kenny Hallaert makes a free spreadsheet which he shares with the poker community of all the major live events in Vegas during the WSOP. 

That didn’t happen last year and this year it features a very different WSOP, but the spreadsheet is back. 

Keep it bookmarked because it will be updated:

Move over Chris Ferguson

For years Chris Ferguson was known as the expert card thrower in poker but it looks like that mantle now belongs to another….

A tribute to Bryn Kenney?

We’d love to hear the back story on this. Last month in London a mural of Bryn Kenney was spottted in London, seemingly set up by his friend Luke Schwartz.

Was it a prop bet? A forfeit after a prop bet? A genuine gesture of friendship? If you know, let us know in the comments please. 

Boris Becker’s tell

Finally, proof that tells exist in many domains of elite competition as Andre Agassi reveals how he used to be able to tell where Boris Becker was serving to based on where his tongue was. This, perhaps, explains by Becker never quite made it as a poker player. 

Have you seen other sports people show ‘tells’? Let us know in the comments:

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