Teen Patti: India’s Simplified Version of Poker

24 Apr

Poker is one of the most popular card games anywhere in the world. However, there are some countries where the game of Teen Patti is actually more popular. These are in South East Asia and one country in particular where Teen Patti is hugely popular is India.

This has gone from being a traditional game played amongst friends and family up to a game played online with many Teen Patti cash games available to play. For those in India, and other countries where Teen Patti is played, choosing to play this game is something that feels natural.

But what about elsewhere in the world? The big draw of Teen Patti is that it is similar to poker, so the winning formula is certainly there, but it is also much simpler. If you are a card gamer and looking for something new to try, finding a simple game is always the key. Those choosing between poker and Teen Patti will see that it is Teen Patti which offers the easier gaming and the quicker entrance.

How is Teen Patti Simplified?

There are many people who think about playing poker but when they look at things, they feel the game is too complex for newcomers. That isn’t strictly true, poker is not too difficult to learn, but Teen Patti is certainly easier to learn.

One of the reasons for this is because of the standard type of play. With poker you can play in single games or go into tournaments like the type that pro poker players will play. These have many different rules attached to them. With Teen Patti, there is none of this, all you play is simple games, either online with other people around the world or at home with friends and family.

Another way in which Teen Patti is simplified is with the number of cards you have to make your hand. This is smaller than poker and doesn’t work in the same way regarding the community cards in the middle of the table. There are some variations of Teen Patti that use these, and some that have more cards, but in terms of the basic standard version of Teen Patti, the number of cards is less for you to work out.

The Similarities to Poker

There are two big similarities to poker and that is going to really help any players who have decided to move from poker and play Teen Patti instead.

The first of those is how the winning hands are worked out. Many of these hands are taken from the game of poker, so you will be familiar with putting them together. A trio is the top winning hand in Teen Patti, look out for other hands such as runs, flushes, pairs and high cards. All of these are used in exactly the same way in poker as they are in Teen Patti.

So, when it comes to forming your hand and trying to win the game, the most important aspect of it, you are basically looking at something that is very similar so you will instantly feel comfortable. If you know the best poker hands you can use that knowledge in Teen Patti.

Secondly, the other similarity is how betting is worked out. In both games, there are rounds of betting that take place. The game goes around the table with players choosing to add to the pot or fold, and this is exactly the same again for both games.

If you look at poker and Teen Patti as games, they are games of chance. You will find it hard to win unless you are dealt a good hand and being dealt a good hand all comes down to the luck of the cards, there is nothing you can do to influence this.

The skill and ability to win at Teen Patti and poker comes from the same place, and this is with how you bet, when to stick and when to fold. Get this right and when you get a good hand you will be able to maximise your winnings in the pot. When you get a bad hand, you will know the right time to cut your losses and walk away from the hand.

This balancing act is something that you will only learn through experience of the game. However, because the learning in these two games is the same, if you are a very experienced poker player, you will be able to use that in Teen Patti, and the same goes for the opposite way.

With similarities like this, which affect the key elements of the game, it is easy to see why some players try both and float between the two games.

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