The next great heads-up challenge?

Landon Tice is giving Bill Perkins a $720,000 head start in their upcoming heads-up challenge – can we do it?

Heads-up cash might be a dead format but it seems to be the arena to compete in if you want to generate publicity. 

After Phil Galfond’s third challenge success and the end of Polk vs Negreanu, it looks like the Tice vs Perkins handicap match is the next big heads-up grudge match. 

American wunderkind Landon Tice has announced a heads-up challenge with Bill Perkins where he is giving his opponent a massive head start.

Tice is ‘paying’ Perkins 9BB/100 in their 20,000 hand No Limit match at $200/$400. What that essentially means is that Tice is giving Perkins a $720,000 head start and he believes he can still beat him. If, for example, Tice beats him by 10BB/100 he would profit $80,000 overall before rake is factored. 


The suggestion is that Tice believes he will beat Perkins by a much bigger margin. For context, Doug Polk beat Daniel Negreanu by 12BB/100. It also looks like Tice has locked up a challenge with Dusk Till Dawn and partypoker boss Rob Yong giving him a 15BB/100 head start. 

If this is whetting your appetite don’t get too excited, as Perkins has said he is going to go into the lab and study for several months before it starts. 

It does make the heads-up poker space a lot more interesting, as it could encourage a lot of people who don’t have an edge to play better players. This is a common problem in heads-up, it is one of the reasons why the format died out, because the regs would sit out from playing each other. It also makes it more interesting from a betting perspective, PokerShares have Tice a 17/10 favourite at the time of writing, much closer odds than we saw in Polk vs Negreanu.

Whose side of the bet do you like? Let us know in the comments:

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