Today is International Bluff Day

The date is 7/2 so PokerStars have decided that we name this entry in the calendar after the worst hand in poker, 7-2 offsuit.

If we can have a day dedicated to hugging, lasagne or Donald Duck, we can certainly have one for poker.   

PokerStars have declared today International Bluff Day to celebrate winning with the worst hand and perhaps dishonesty in general. Today has been picked because the date is 7/2 which is as close to 7-2 offsuit, the worst hand in poker, as it gets. 

Here is a brief explainer on what today is all about:

Click to watch the video

Today the site is asking players to share their greatest bluff stories on social media using the hashtag #internationalbluffday.

Though you will probably have to beat these bluffs to get a retweet from the poker room:

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What was your greatest bluff? Let us know in the comments:

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