Vote for the community Troll of the Year

Get to know the PokerStrategy forum heroes of the year by voting for the biggest troll of the last 12 months.

Artwork from Troll of the Year candidate ‘Harrier88’

In a year that has trolled everyone we thought the best thing to do was to celebrate the troll in all of us. 

Over in our forums community hero Primrose6789 has created a thread to crown her Troll of the Year, with a shortlist of fellow PokerStrategists.  

It’s not serious, in fact it is a playful tribute to some of the real stars of the community. 

It’s also a great opportunity for those of you who have been lurking the PokerStrategy forums to learn more about the people who make it special and to introduce yourself. 

This year’s contenders are Harrier88, the creator of the picture above, Nsavov for some childish jokes about underwear and our moderator Vorpal F2F who keeps the forums running smoothly. 

Voting is now on for the rest of the year so why not pay the thread a visit to get to know the biggest trolls in our friendly community.

Forum: Vote for Prim’s Troll of the Year

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