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LemOn36 is joined by Poker Ranger developer Michael A. Völkel to show you its best features. Get your free trial now!

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February 23, 20:00 CET

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LemOn36 returns with another Monthly Special and this month he has a special guest. 

Our coach will be trying out all the new features of Poker Ranger 2.0 and he will be joined by the software’s owner and developer Michael A. Völkel.

The two will be demonstrating what you can do with Poker Ranger 2.0, including:

  • How to do equity calculations with tables and heat maps
  • Breaking down how ranges hit on specific boards divided by strength
  • How to use equity charts to determine bet sizing and range advantage
  • Using the colour coded subgroups to divide your ranges
  • Plot the best course of action using expected value trees

Most importantly, both men will be on hand to answer your questions on this new software and how it can help your game. 

Finally, once you have taken a look, download the tool yourself and try it at no cost with our free trial. 

Try out PokerRanger 2 for free

Back in 2013, a new poker analysis tool hit the market, taking the strategic breakdown of poker hands to a whole new level by providing players with a huge range of features to pick apart spots and ranges.

After almost eight years, the PokerRanger team now released a new iteration of their software, implementing a vast range of new features and tools directly from user feedback to further enhance the breakdown capabilities of one of the most powerful analysis tools out there.

Apart from covering most of the features of other tools like (Power) Equilab, Flopzilla (Pro), Combonator and partly even CardrunnersEV, many additional features have now found their way into PokerRanger 2, providing players with one of the most complete tools out there to dive into range management and expected value analysis.  Furthermore, the team is looking to continue improving PokerRanger 2, now even more frequent than in the past, just recently adding a new unique feature most other poker analysis tools don’t offer: a new Dark Mode to help put less strain on your eyes when stuying late at night.

What’s offered in PokerRanger 2?

You can find the full range of features provided in PokerRanger 2 below, with the following video offering a brief introduction to the software by the development team:

Learn more about PokerRanger 2 with their extensive guides

The team is highly dedicated to providing players with as much assistance as possible to understand and utilise all the capabilities of PokerRanger 2. So make sure to check out the official support thread in our forum or the PokerRanger 2 website if you want to dive deeper into the software.

There’s a vast amount of guides available, explaining all the intricacies of the tool and its features and you can also get in touch directly with the PokerRanger 2 development team in our forum at any time if you have any questions.

Check out PokerRanger 2 with a free trial

Features in PokerRanger 2

dynamic range trees pokerranger 2
Dynamic Range Trees – Subgroup your ranges into arbitrarily many groups that are color-coded, nested, and weighted.
expected value trees pokerranger 2
Expected Value Trees – Import hand histories or create trees of actions manually that tell you equities and expected values within a complex setting.
Color-coding and Hovers – PokerRanger2 uses color coding and informative hovers to convey useful information all the time.
outmost flexibility pokerranger 2
Outmost Flexibility – Tired of opening windows to set ranges or the board? With the advanced docking system, you can customize PokerRanger to show all widgets in a single window.
multiway equity evolution pokerranger 2
Multiway Equity Evolution – PokerRanger2 evaluates equity on follow-up cards for multiple players at once and displays the results in clear charts side-by-side.
equity charts pokerranger 2
Equity Charts – View the equities of multiple players multi-way in one clear graph and get output per hand to detect capped and uncapped ranges.
equity tables and heat maps pokerranger 2
Equity Tables and Heat Maps – With color coding in scalable matrices or table views for multiple players PokerRanger illustrates multi-way equities in the most beautiful way.
action history pokerranger 2
History of Actions – Whether you change the board, expected value trees, or custom ranges, “undo/redo” are at your disposal, allowing you to jump to any point in the hand history.
random board hits pokerranger 2
Random Board Hits – Evaluate the probability of hitting straights, pairs, or flushdraws on flops, turns, and rivers to fortify your board-reading and hand-reading. Even random boards can be evaluated.

Try out PokerRanger 2 with a Free Trial

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