We cant fold many rivers so should we just shove the turn?

Another PKO hand review with our friends at The Chip Race, this time is Top Top worth stacking off on the turn with?

We continue our detailed dive into some of the big PKO hands Barry Carter played in the Unibet PKO Series, joined by our friends Dara and David from the Chip Race.

This hand looks like I owned somebody but I actually think I messed it up. 

A player I cover opens in middle position, we have 55 big blinds effective, I have A Q. I decided to flat here which is what I would do in a normal MTT, but is this a reraise?

David Lappin: Yes. 

Dara O’Kearney: Yes I am. In a normal tournament this is a mix of 20% flat 80% raise. Because it’s a PKO it’s always a raise. As we stated in our last hand we want to increase our variance in these spots. 

The Big Blind who covers us also flats. We flop Top Top with a backdoor flush draw. Middle Position bets half pot. Again, I decided to flat to keep the other player in the pot, was this a mistake?

Dara O’Kearney: I have a strong preference for flatting here. Our hand doesn’t benefit from protection all that much. We can cooler hands like AJ if an Ace rolls off on the turn. Also it is not 100% certain we have the best hand here, he has Kings and Aces and sets in his range. We have a good hand but not an amazing hand, we also have a hand that can improve on later streets, plus we have position. 

It was the turn I thought I messed up. It is a 7 and he bets 3/4 pot. I decided to go all-in but felt like that allowed him to fold all we beat and call with hands that dominate us. I felt he had a tight range and wondered how many worse Qs he was calling with. 

David Lappin: Let me frame this as a question to Dara, I don’t think I am ever getting away on any rivers here. So are we better off getting all-in now?

Dara O’Kearney: That’s the crucial point. We don’t love this pot but we have a hand that can’t fold to any action. If we call here I can’t imagine ever folding the river unless it was something like the T so we should just forget about that part of the game tree, if we are beat we are beat. So let’s focus on the stuff we beat – KQ, Q9, AJ, KJ etc. The best way to get those hands in is to raise, he might put you on a draw or cry call you anyway. Whereas there are a lot of rivers he will just check/fold. Also the Big Blind, now we do want to deny equity to him with his drawy hands. 

hand 1

Big Blind folds and Villain calls with Q 9 which at the time wider than I thought he was playing. 

Dara O’Kearney: His hand made sense. He probably decided the same thing as us, which was he can’t really fold his hand here so he may as well just go with it. 

hand 1

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