Kevin Campbell reacts as Everton’s £500m Bramley-Moore stadium plan gets approval |

Liverpool City council have approved Everton’s application to build a 52,888 seater stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock in North Liverpool.  

The decision will now go to the secretary of state – Robert Jenrick – for consideration.

Goodison Park has been Everton’s spiritual home for all these years, but now the Toffees can look forward to shifting to the £500 million stadia.

Former great Everton striker Kevin Campbell has taken to Twitter to express his reaction after the news broke out. He wrote:

The last few days have been really fantastic for Everton. First, they secured a derby win against Liverpool at Anfield for the first time in 22 years, and now the new stadium is a big step closer.

Under Carlo Ancelotti, they are making tremendous progress on the pitch, while the new stadium project is a hugely positive sign for the future.

What has been really encouraging here is that the new stadium application has received ‘unanimous consent’ from the council’s committee. It’s a crucial step forward, one that could shape the future of his iconic football club.

The new stadium would be the seventh-largest Premier League stadium by capacity, and could also potentially increase the capacity to 62,000 in the future.

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