Real Madrid to use Odegaard to get Haaland? – Soccer News

According to a recent report from Mundo Deportivo, Real Madrid plan on holding onto Martin Odegaard for a very specific reason.

That reason is simple: they want to use him to try and lure his fellow countryman Erling Haaland over to the Bernabeu during the summer transfer window. Of course, that’s quite a cynical way of looking at it with many believing Real think there is potential in Odegaard as a player, but all of their actions recently don’t seem to indicate that’s the case.

They’ve been more than happy for him to go out on loan so that he gets a chance to prove himself and, up to this point, he’s taken that opportunity with both hands.

Haaland is currently out on loan with Arsenal and even though he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, you can see he is desperate to make an impact – and that’ll come in time.

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