Aaron Rodgers got trolled into another dimension by a Jeopardy contestant

A Jeopardy contestant asked Aaron Rodgers whose idea it was to kick a field goal late in this year’s NFC Championship Game.

For the next two weeks, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is stepping into the game show spotlight as the celebrity guest host of Jeopardy. For those wondering if the Packers signal caller would get trolled at some point during tapings, the answer is a resounding yes.

On Final Jeopardy, contestant Scott asked the question that was no doubt on everyone’s mind during this year’s NFC Championship Game between the Packers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

“Who wanted to kick that field goal?”

Packers: Jeopardy contestant trolls Aaron Rodgers over late field goal in NFC Championship Game

Rodgers himself could not even disagree with him, calling it a “great question.” He had to compose himself, sure, but he agreed with Scott.

For those of you who are unaware of the reference, the Packers were in the red zone in the closing minutes of the game, down 31-23 to the Buccaneers. With Tom Brady at the helm on offense, the only real chance the Packers had of winning was going for the touchdown on fourth-and-goal. This is a quarterback who has made a career of showing up in the clutch, after all. Instead, head coach Matt LaFleur took the ball out of the soon-to-be NFL MVP’s hands and went for the field goal instead on the Buccaneers’ eight-yard line, banking on the defense to force a three-and-out. That never came to pass, as the Buccaneers easily converted for the first-down to win 31-26 and clinch a spot in the Super Bowl.

In that game, Rodgers had completed 33-of-48 pass attempts for 346 yards, three touchdowns and one interceptions.

It was a case of what could have been if the Packers had gone for the touchdown. Maybe they would have won in overtime to win the NFC Championship. We will never know, and the Packers have to live with that decision and have to deal with the trolling.

Give credit to Rodgers for being a good sport for that answer, because he got trolled into oblivion. What could end the talk of the controversial field goal decision is if the Packers win the Super Bowl this upcoming season.

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