Alex Bregman’s new haircut is a bigger insult than the sign-stealing scandal (Photo)

Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman got a new haircut and he’s rightfully getting destroyed for it all over Twitter. 

What in the world was Alex Bregman thinking with his latest haircut? That’s what baseball fans all over the country are surely asking themselves after his latest style has made its way to Twitter. Folks, we’re not going to beat around the bush here: it’s terrible.

With the Houston Astros being this most hated team in all of sports, Bregman really isn’t doing the team any favors here. Even more bashing has arrived for the AL West team.

Alex Bregman is donning a new haircut and fans are really letting him have it on social media

Again, what led Bregman to making this decision? While it’s his body, his choice, he looks nothing short of ridiculous. We can only hope this isn’t a long-term move for him, as you better believe even some his teammates inside the clubhouse are surely delivering plenty of jabs his way too.

MLB fans will find any excuse the Astros when they can after their infamous sign-stealing scandal. Already in 2021, we’ve seen supporters go nuts in trying to troll the team, with a Dodgers fans even throwing an inflatable trash can onto the field in a game between the Angels and Astros. You can’t make that kind of stuff up.

For all of the Houston haters out there, the fact that the team is 7-8 through the first 15 games of 2021 and sit in last place of the AL West standings sure has brought a smile to so many faces. Now, they’ve been even more ammo with Bregman turning back the clock with this latest haircut. Whoever is his personal fashion consultant should be fired immediately.

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