Astros: Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve provide aid to Houston during winter storm

As millions were left without power in Texas, the Astros did what they could to help.

Two Houston Astros stars are doing their part to help out in Texas, as the state was ill-prepared for an unprecedented winter storm. The state’s power grid couldn’t handle the freezing temperatures, and millions lost power. For those whose power stayed on, they now face rapidly-rising energy prices in a capitalist nightmare.

The effort from two of baseball’s biggest stars, however, is a rare bright spot in this catastrophe. Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve provided 25,000 meals to children in need due to the winter storm. It’s a major impact on a severe issue for those in poverty. The price of those meals comes out to $50,000.

Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve coming together to aid those in need

In the end, it’s only a fraction of the help required for Texas to fully recover from a once in a lifetime storm (at least we hope). But it’s a start.

“It has been extremely sad to witness our city of Houston suffering from lack of food and water, and so many families with children experiencing cold and hunger,” Correa said. “José and I feel that this joint effort is a small way to express our commitment and gratitude to the community that means so much to us. Hopefully, we can inspire others and together relieve some of the suffering caused by this natural disaster.”

As polarizing as the Astros may be off the diamond, they value their role in the Houston community. Everyone, regardless of fandom, should applaud them for doing so.

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