Astros game with YouTube TV live chat feels like a complete disaster

Houston Astros fans may not want to read the comments in the live chat on Thursday.

If you can’t boo the Houston Astros in-person, you are more than welcomed to leave a nice comment in the YouTube TV live chat when they host the Los Angeles Angels on Thursday night.

This NL West rivalry game will air on YouTube TV for everyone’s enjoyment. While baseball hopes everyone will be civil in the live chat, this wouldn’t be the first catastrophic error the league has made in recent days, weeks, months, years, decades or centuries. Yes, you can always disable the comments, but what’s the fun in that? Always read the comments, especially the nastiest ones.

I mean, why would you not leave the Astros a comment in the live chat when everyone is doing it?

The Houston Astros are still paying the price for banging on their trash cans

There is nothing funny about banging on trash cans, only Doug Funnie. The ’90s cartoon may not have the cachet for predicting things like The Simpsons, but when a team is chock full of Chalky Studebakers and Roger Klotzes, you’re gonna have a bad time. Not even Quailman can save you from your fate of getting booed relentlessly in-person or from being harpooned in a live chat.

There are people who wake up every day with the best of intentions, and then there were the 2017 Houston Astros. From wearing wires to becoming elite hallway percussionists, these were not maneuverers made in an instant. However, the instant feedback the Astros will receive in a live chat on YouTube TV will be incredibly petty and extremely worthwhile. So get your popcorn ready.

You should always treat people how you want to be treated, except if they are the Houston Astros.

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