Billy Horschel trip to 13th green at Augusta turned hilarious (Photos)

Billy Horschel overcame all sorts of adversity on the 13th hole in Round 3 of the 2021 Masters.

In a matter of minutes, Billy Horschel triumphed over failure on the 13th hole in the 2021 Masters.

In Round 3, Horschel was up against it in an effort to save face on a par five. He unfortunately found water near the green. He had to roll up his pant legs and take off his shoes to give it the old college try in the creek. On the way down the hill, Horschel slipped off the slick green to further embarrass himself. Fortunately, this man is a Gator and totally redeemed himself in the creek.

Even if he does not win The Masters, his shot out of the creek to get on the green was amazing.

Billy Horschel is proof that good things happen to Florida Gators in the water

What makes The Masters the best golf tournament in existence is that it is played at the same course annually: Augusta National Golf Club. In most years, the major tournament is the signal to the United States of America that spring has officially sprung. There is nothing quite like the picturesque scenery with the many azaleas scattered throughout the course in full bloom.

Every hole has its story and every hole has given us some unforgettable moments. While it remains to be seen if Horschel’s triumph on No. 13 Saturday will hold up, you could not script what he went through on that hole. To hit the ball out of the creek without a practice swing to avoid a penalty and get it on the green is a prime example of how to keep your cool at Augusta National.

While Horschel embarrassingly stumbled down the hill, he totally redeemed himself coming up it.

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