Braves’ Guillermo Heredia celebration swords, explained

Atlanta Braves outfielder Guillermo Heredia will use his plastic swords to celebrate big plays.

Whenever something good happens for the Atlanta Braves, expect to see outfielder Guillermo Heredia brandishing his swords.

While there are many unique celebrations that emanate out of the baseball dugout, none are on as big of a stage as Heredia and his fake plastic pirate swords with Atlanta playing in the 2021 NLCS. They first came onto the scene when he brought them out onto the field to celebrate one of the Braves’ many walk-off victories earlier this season. So when did Heredia procure these swords?

Braves’ team MVP Austin Riley perhaps best encapsulates the origins of Heredia and his swords.

Atlanta Braves: Guillermo Heredia swords celebration, explained

While the swords briefly overlapped with Pablo Sandoval’s giant panda head/hug combo, they have kind of become the main thing of note in the Atlanta dugout after Sandoval was traded to the Cleveland Indians for Game 2 hero Eddie Rosario. Heredia’s slashing motion has aligned with the Braves’ new chopping celebration on the field after Mix It Up fell out of favor due to Marcell Ozuna.

Braves Country can only be so lucky to see Heredia brandishing his beloved swords in October.

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