Broken Pirates social media person is in for a very, very long season

Keep the Pirates social media team in your thoughts. They have no idea what they’re up against.

The Pirates are in Year 1 of what’s expected to be a very, very long rebuilding process. They have an owner who’s unwilling to spend money to improve the team, and thus they must build from within. That means lots of losing, high draft picks and a focus on player development at the minor-league level.

Basically, the Pirates are eventually hoping to field a team full of Ke’Bryan Hayes’, or perhaps find a way to clone him. Whichever comes first. For now, Ke’Bryan Hayes version 1.0 is on the injured list, so just about the only fun reason to watch Pittsburgh went out the window.

The Pirates social media folks have to watch this team. It’s only the fifth game of the season, and they’re broken.

The Pirates fell to last in the NL Central

Pittsburgh is 1-4 on the season following a 14-1 loss to the Cincinnati Reds. Of course, teams tend to tweet these kind of depressing thoughts after a lopsided loss. It’s normal, even for the best of contenders.

Yet, for the Pirates, it feels like it might become a theme. Pittsburgh’s starting rotation is Mitch Keller and a bunch of guys, and the only reason I know Keller’s name is because I live here. Truly, I’m right in the heart of it all.

The job of Pirates social media coordinator is among the toughest in all of baseball. Perhaps even tougher than being a player on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Imagine being forced to pump up fans about…Colin Moran on a regular basis (no offense to Moran, your beard is magnificent).

Either way, I hope I’m wrong. Maybe it’s the best job ever, and will continue to be all season as the Pirates shock us all.

I’ll be at Primanti’s.

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