Browns star Myles Garrett has an otherworldly leaping ability

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett continues to prove that he is a one of one athlete with these insane box jumps.

It’s no secret that Myles Garrett is a freak of nature athletically. The 6-foot-4, 275-pound Cleveland Browns defensive end burst into the league with a ridiculous NFL Combine performance that forced the Browns to take him No. 1 overall in 2017, as if he wasn’t the obvious choice already.

The offseason looks to be doing Garrett well as he switches up his workout routine. Last week he showed off his impressive basketball skills in a workout at his alma mater Texas A&M. Watch as he flexes his dunking abilities while looking absolutely terrifying in this Jurassic Park cutoff shirt. Imagine trying to stop this guy coming down the lane. No thank you.

Now, Garrett is showing us other odd things he can do, this time in a more traditional setting.

Myles Garrett clears 64-inch box jumps in Browns offseason workout

Garrett ran a 4.57-second 40-yard dash in during his Combine workout and now he’s showing us his improved vertical. Back then he had a vertical jump of 41 inches. That was the fourth-highest of any player there, regardless of position. It was also better than every wide receiver and defensive back that weighed much less than he did. Impressive to say the least.

Since then, he’s somehow improved his vertical by 23 inches. Yes, you read that correctly.

Watch as he clears an insane 64-inch platform for this box jump.

Humans shouldn’t be able to do these kinds of things. NFL quarterbacks have to be having nightmares about this man. While the Browns may have missed out on the J.J. Watt sweepstakes, they have to love to see this kind of improvement from their best pass rusher.

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