Buccaneers’ Bruce Arians makes good on promise, gets tattoo after Super Bowl 55 victory

A few months after tattooing the Chiefs in Super Bowl 55, Bruce Arians got tattooed himself.

You might be a bit surprised, as Arians is a man of style and flair anyway: Kangol hats, hipster glasses and an art-house film director goatee are all signs that a tattoo might be lurking somewhere below. 

But the Bucs’ coach was ink-free, and he made good on a promise to get a tat if the Bucs won it all in 2020 (they did): 

“I’m a man of my word- “when we win the Super Bowl, I will get a tattoo” well I got mine and I love it!!,” Arians’ tweet reads, with a photo of the Super Bowl 55 tattoo.

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The design is simple: The team logo, Super Bowl 55 logo and the 31-9 final score inside of it. The location appears to be on Arians’ left shoulder, which is as acceptable a spot as it can get in the tattoo game. At least it wasn’t on his lower back or his neck or something.

The Buccaneers tattooed the Chiefs in Super Bowl 55 by a score of 31-9, a result that shocked the world and led to the ink.

Arians’ tattoo is a fitting tribute, and much better than Rex Ryan’s infamous Mark Sanchez tattoo. Shudder.

With all 22 starters returning to Tampa Bay for another go at it in 2021, let’s just wait to see how crazy Arians gets if the Bucs go back-to-back.

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