Could Texans be sued over Deshaun Watson allegations?

Attorney Tony Buzbee is representing the 22 individuals who have filed civil lawsuits against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson regarding allegations of sexual assault and misconduct and suggested more cases could be coming. During a Tuesday press conference that involved multiple women unveiling their identities, Buzbee hinted the Texans either could or should have known about Watson’s supposed reputation.

“You have some obligation to ask some questions,” Buzbee said, per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. 

Florio added that Watson received referrals for massage therapists from the Texans and borrowed a massage table from the club. He also wrote that Buzbee hasn’t yet made any allegations against the franchise. According to Florio, Buzbee could potentially allege that the Texans are liable because they didn’t warn massage therapists about known allegations made against the 25-year-old star signal-caller. 

Last month, a traveling massage therapist said in a lawsuit that she believes Watson is a “serial predator.” Meanwhile, at least two victims have spoken with the Houston Police Department, and the HPD announced on Friday it opened an investigation after a complainant filed a report. The NFL is also looking into the many allegations. 

While Watson could face fines and a suspension via the NFL’s personal conduct policy, it’s unknown if the league could look to punish the Texans based on Buzbee’s future actions and statements. 

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