Cowboys: 1 free agent signing Jerry Jones regrets the most

The Cowboys gave Greg Hardy and one-year deal back in 2015, but the controversial defensive end did more damage than good for the team. 

Over the years, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has looked far and wide for guys to help the team get back to the Super Bowl glory. After all, Dallas hasn’t lifted the Lombardi Trophy high into the sky since 1996.

Back in 2015, Jones decided to take a big risk, signing controversial defensive end Greg Hardy to a one-year deal to try and help out the pass-rush. It’s a decision Jones no doubt regrets.

Jerry Jones signing Greg Hardy to a one-year deal proved to be a massive mistake

Hardy ended up receiving a four-game suspension from the NFL that campaign, but would go on to appear in 12 games for Dallas. That season, he posted 35 tackles and six sacks. When he arrived to Dallas, Hardy had inked a one-year contract worth up to more than $13 million.

However, there were loads of incentives in that deal. At the end of the deal, Jones ended up paying Hardy a total of nearly $9 million for his services. Well, not only did Hardy not live up to the hype, but constant reports came out stating that Hardy was a nightmare teammate and that he caused plenty of rifts inside the locker room. That shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

Dallas didn’t end up bringing Hardy back the following campaign. The defensive end hasn’t appeared in an NFL game ever since, and is best known these days for his UFC performances inside the octagon. If Jones had a time machine, something tells us he’d turn back the clock and not give Hardy his one-year contract with the team. Lesson learned, Mr. Jones.

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