Cowboys: One 2020 draft pick Mike McCarthy wants back

The Cowboys found good value at the top of the 2020 NFL Draft, but they blew an opportunity to upgrade their defense in Round 4. 

Cowboys fans will largely remember the 2020 NFL Draft as the time when CeeDee Lamb landed in their laps. That doesn’t mean the entire class was a success for Dallas. The organization’s choice to select Reggie Robinson in the fourth round looks like a wasted pick after his disappointing rookie campaign.

The Cowboys hoped Robinson could help provide them solid depth at corner as a rookie before possibly growing into a starter down the line. The pick started to look bad right away when the coaching staff made the decision to transition Robinson to safety. The move from corner to safety immediately limited Robinson’s upside as a contributor.

He finally made it onto the field for Dallas at that position in Week 12 after being a healthy scratch during his team’s first 11 contests. He clearly didn’t do anything to distinguish himself at the safety position. Rumors currently emanating from Dallas now claim it’s possible Robinson might move back to cornerback when the 2020 preseason begins.

Flipping Robinson back and forth between the two positions isn’t a product of the Cowboys trying to cross-train members of their secondary. Instead, it’s a clear signal that they’re desperate to find a place where Robinson can provide them some measure of value next season. It shouldn’t have been that difficult for Dallas to find a player in Round 4 capable of helping fortify their porous defense.

Now it’s very likely that the Cowboys will need to spend a premium draft pick in 2021 on a cornerback capable of coming him and starting right away. If Robinson had panned out as even a solid backup then Dallas might have been able to avoid reaching for the position in this year’s draft. His inability to contribute at all has put his front office in an unenviable position.

In fairness to Robinson, some of that blame can also be placed at the feet of second round pick Trevon Diggs. He is much more likely to be a contributor for the team moving forward, but he didn’t blossom into the sort of starter that Dallas envisioned when they drafted him. Robinson’s complete inability to make it on the field still makes him the worst pick of Dallas’ 2020 draft class.

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