Deshaun Watson donates meals to Houston police amid crisis

Deshaun Watson wants a split from the Texans but continues to give back to the Houston community.

Deshaun Watson is a Georgia native who has embraced the Houston, Texas area since the day he showed up in 2017. He made the city his home and fans were happy to have him.

Now he wants out because of rampant dysfunction within the Texans organization. But Watson has always supported those in the area and recently made a donation, with a Lefty’s Cheesesteak franchise, to give meals to police officers working amid the winter weather crisis in Texas.

Watson continues giving back

The situation with Watson and the Texans is a messy one. Jack Easterby has a hold over that organization and it is hard to blame the quarterback for wanting out before the ship finally sinks.

That makes it even more impressive to see him stepping up and focusing on what really matters during what is an unimaginable crisis down in Texas. Someone as simple as donating meals can go a long way to those in need.

Watson has a history of giving back and made news by giving money to Texans cafeteria workers after Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017. He is a selfless individual and it is a shame the Texans essentially pushed him out of a city he loved and that loved him back.

It is truly a shame to see the crisis going on in Houston and the entire state of Texas right now. The only positives are that those with extra money are giving back and helping out those in need. Someone like Watson who has only been in Houston for four years has already ensured he will be a fixture in that city for the rest of his life.

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