Did Draymond throw shade at Shaq and Barkley with podcast comments?

Draymond Green appeared on Kevin Durant’s podcast and had some pointed comments about the state of basketball analysis in the media.

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant seem to have squashed whatever lingering beef exists from their time as teammates in Golden State. And in a recent appearance on Durant’s The ETC’s podcast, Draymond spoke candidly about his interest in becoming an analyst in the future and the issues he sees with the current crop of television analysts.

What did Draymond Green say about modern basketball announcers on Kevin Durant’s podcast?

“Nowadays you can’t turn on the TV and learn about the game of basketball, and that’s because too many people have voices that don’t know shit about the game… and it’s f*****g the game up.’

Draymond didn’t specifically reference Barkley or Shaq and given his previous online beef(s) it’s just as likely he could be pointing to what he considers amateur and inexperienced basketball writers. But he did say “turn on the tv” And while Shaq and Barkley certainly have first-hand experience with professional basketball the lack of expertise and attention they seem to bring to the current game has been a running issue all season.

There was Shaq making clear on live television that he didn’t really know anything about Christian Wood — who averaged double-digits with the Pistons last season and was several weeks into a break-out campaign as a 20-point scorer at that point. And Shaq calling out Donovan Mitchell in a postgame interview for shortcomings that existed only in his head. And his horribly misogynistic comments about the WNBA, or the time Candace Parker had to explain to him how pick-and-roll defense works. And both Shaq and Barkley continuing to mispronounce the names of notable players.

Again, Draymond may have been thinking about the amateurs. But it seems like a far bigger problem that the biggest analysts on the biggest basketball platform don’t seem to enjoy modern basketball or care enough to actually engage with it at a meaningful level.

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