Dolphins: 3 available quarterbacks better than Tua Tagovailoa

If the Dolphins aren’t sold on Tua Tagovailoa, there are available quarterbacks out there who could be worth pursuing as an upgrade.

Every time a potential quarterback trade has come up this offseason, it seems like the Miami Dolphins are in the thick of it.

Should they or shouldn’t they trade Tua Tagovailoa? If they’re asking the question, the answer may already be clear.

After all, there are better quarterback options out there.

Deshaun Watson

Duh. Watson is head and shoulders above more than half the passers in the league. In the right spot (read: not Houston), he could easily challenge to be the top quarterback out there.

Tagovailoa’s potential pales in comparison to what Watson could bring to the table in the here and now.

Granted, Watson would also cost a pretty penny. The Texans reportedly don’t see Tagovailoa as “an adequate replacement” for their QB, so Miami would have to make the offer even sweeter to make it happen.

Justin Fields

It’s only been one season, but the Dolphins have seen what Tagovailoa is: a game-manager who couldn’t keep Ryan Fitzpatrick on the bench. Even if you cut him some slack as a rookie, it’s clear the franchise hasn’t 100 percent bought in.

Fields is the kind of talent who could inspire what Tagovailoa hasn’t. He can zip it in with the best of them and has an arm to be more than just a game manager. He also has dynamism as a runner to go along with physical and mental toughness.

Marcus Mariota

The first two options are slam dunks but would be difficult to turn into realities. Watson would cost a fortune, while there is no guarantee Fields will be available at the No. 3 pick.

There’s a middle-ground option in Mariota.

Yes, his track record with the Titans wasn’t great, but he had bright moments in the early years. In 2016, he looked well on his way to being a solid NFL quarterback with Pro Bowl potential. He got Tennessee to the playoffs in 2017 before it all went downhill. Injuries played a role in that.

In 2020, when he stepped in for Derek Carr with the Raiders, he looked at the top of his game again. A one-game sample size is small, but it revealed what he’s capable of nonetheless.

Is Mariota a franchise QB to replace Tagovailoa with? No, but he would be a reasonable stopgap to take a chance on. Even if they brought him in as a backup to Tagovailoa, he’d be able to compete and perhaps prove his worth head-to-head.

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