Les Miles was banned from contacting female students at LSU in 2013

Former LSU coach Les Miles was the subject of a harassment investigation by the school back in 2013, and the probe resulted in him being forbidden from contacting any female members of the student body.

An internal investigation report that was obtained by USA Today revealed that Miles was told by LSU administrators that he “would lose his job and violate his contract” if he continued to have contact with female students. The warning came after Miles allegedly inappropriately texted female students, inviting them to his condo alone and kissing a student on one occasion.

The investigation found that Miles did not have sexual relations with any of the students, but LSU determined that the behavior was inappropriate.

A woman alleged Miles kissed her twice in his car, which the coach vehemently denied. The investigation stated that “we are unable to determine what occurred” in Miles’ car, and Miles once again denied the allegation through his attorney on Thursday. Miles’ attorney, Peter Ginsberg, said he hopes the release of the 2013 report will put an end to “baseless, inaccurate media reports.”

Miles admitted to driving alone with the woman in his car.

The findings of the investigation state that Miles was involved in recruiting and interviewing female student employees for the LSU football team in 2012. He made it known that the employees should have a certain “look,” which the report described as “attractive, blond, fit.” Miles allegedly informed supervisors of the employees that “existing student employees who did not meet this criteria should be given fewer hours or terminated.”

Miles denied allegations that he was inappropriate with female students and said mentoring them was “part of his job.”

While LSU accepted Miles’ account of many of the events, the university issued him a letter of reprimand and had him sign documents acknowledging that he understands the school’s policies. Both Miles and LSU took steps to assure the investigation remained confidential.

Miles coached at LSU from 2005-2016 and led the team to a national championship in 2007. The 67-year-old is currently the head coach at the University of Kansas.

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