LIVE: Barty breaks 16-year Aus Open drought

Six straight games for Barty as she takes the first set 6-2 over Alexandrova!

It’s eerie just how similar that first set was to Barty’s first set the other day against Gavrilova.

After the early hiccup, the Australian did not put a foot wrong and really began to open up her shoulders and play her strokes.

The perfect example was a sublime slice she played during the final game of the first set that juuuust crept over the highest part of the net.

“Talk about using every inch of the court,” Jelena Dokic says.

“This is a nasty slice. How low did it stay over the highest part of the net?”

The additional good news for Barty fans is that she is moving around the court really well, no sign of that leg injury worrying her at all.

Although it must be noted that her leg still is strapped.

However, the same cannot be said for Ekaterina Alexandrova, who has called for the trainer after the first set.

She’s laid out on the court and is currently getting worked on as Barty drapes herself with a towel while she waits.

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