NCAA Tournament official Bert Smith collapses, taken off on stretcher in Gonzaga-USC Elite Eight game

Official Bert Smith was taken off on a stretcher in the first half of Gonzaga’s game against USC.

With about 16 minutes remaining in the first half, the broadcast camera panned over and Smith was on the court. A few moments before that, the broadcast showed Smith stumbling. Gonzaga then got a takeaway and a layup on the other side of the court.

When the action returned to USC’s side, you could see panic set in from people on the court. Another official ran over, as well as a Gonzaga assistant coach.

The medical staff then quickly brought out a stretcher as Smith laid down on the court.

The broadcast cut away to commercial, and during that time, Smith was able to get up on his own. When the broadcast came back, Smith was seen awake and sitting up on the stretcher.

CBS later aired the footage of Smith collapsing.

CBS rules analyst Gene Steratore provided an update on Smith based on the information he was given.

“He was feeling light-headed on the court and fell,” Steratore said. “He’s being attended to by trainers in the locker room. He is stable. What they will do now is Tony Chiazza, who was scheduled to be the standby alternate for the second game this evening will now move up and be the standby alternate for this game and the second game through the remainder of the evening.”

The NCAA released a statement on Smith at halftime of the game. The statement said Smith is “still alert and stable” and he will not be transported to a hospital. It also said Smith has been in contact with his family.

The college basketball world expressed their concern for Smith after his collapse.


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